Player/Parent Policy and Rules


  • Must be in proper uniform - Mad Skillz shirt or a NON club training shirt

  • Must arrive to your session on time if not, text or email if you are going to be late

  • No cell phone use allowed during training

  • Do not interfere with the integrity of the training session (talking while coach is coaching)

  • Must wear a mask to enter and exit the facility


  • Must turn in all assigned tasks or trackers  in a timely manner, failure to do so may result in fitness or cardio .

  • NO BULLYING - HARASSING - OR TAUNTING ALLOWED 0 TOLERANCE (you will be removed from the program with NO REFUND)

  • Foul language is  0 tolerance and grounds for termination




  • No speaking to other players (unless it’s positive and you know them)

  • Drop off and pick up on time

  • Turn off CAR ENGINE if the garage doors are open 

  • No Coaching from the sidelines 0 tolerance (you will be asked to leave) if it continues you will not be allowed inside the facility anymore.

  • No food allowed inside (water is okay)

  • Do NOT approach the trainer during a training session

  • Do NOT interrupt trainings by approaching the coach or players during class

  • No kids allowed inside the training facility during training sessions unless they are in that session

  • No chairs allowed inside of the facility 

Mad Skillz Soccer Policies and Procedures


  1. Makeup and rescheduling training. Makeup training is NOT guaranteed, we will try our best to find a makeup for your athlete as long as you provide us with 72 hours notice of not being able to attend a session. You have one week to schedule the makeup.


  3. Make-ups must be scheduled at the same time as the notice of absence for it to be valid (you have 1 week to schedule the make up) ‘memberships only’ passes and unlimited excluded


  5. Late payment or missed payments If your payment is not processed due to a card error there will be a $25 fee each time your card is declined. There will be a late fee of $25 for payments not processed by the 5th of each month.


  7. Unlimited memberships: Players that hold an unlimited membership are allowed to train as much and as many days as they can. However, you must be scheduled and can’t just show up. There are NO DROP INS allowed. 


  9. Camps/Clinics IF you have a membership that comes with camps and clinics you MUST sign up for it on our website using your membership pass code OR you can email administration and they can enroll your player.


  11. Private Lesson requests: Must be made at least 30 days in advance.


  13. If your player will be late please let us know as we have our sessions planned ahead of time.


  15. Group sessions, Depending on the level of the class group sessions are in pods of 6. Some sessions have 6 some have 8 some have more, it all depends on the session. If you would like to be placed in a smaller group then you’ll need to register for ‘Semi Group’ sessions.